Trolling Lake Hornavan

Right next to the town of Arjeplog lies Lake Hornavan. With a depth of 227 meters it is the deepest lake in Sweden. Among others you can find big trouts and arctic char. The most effective way to catch those are probably by trolling. ACWA Fishing can now offer you guided day tours where you go trolling trying to catch big trouts and chars. We cooperate with the experienced fisherman Micael Cermenius. Mike does have years of experience when it comes to trolling, this is for example shown when you look at the results from diffferent competiton that he and his team attended in. He has a 1st and 2nd place in the big competition ”Lapland Open”, and also a first place in ”Arjeplog Championship”. If you want to come along on a trolling trip in a beutiful landscape with good chances to catch big fishes this is the trip for you.

Price: 4500 sek

  • 8h
  • Loans of fishing equipment and life vest
  • Coffe and snacks and a simpler lunch

The price is for 1-3 people.