Cabin Mellanström


Cabin 50sqm 3 beds

The cabin is nice located on a foreland about 30 km from the town of Arjeplog. Outside the cabin the river Storströmmen flows. Storströmmen parts Lake Uddjaur and Lake Storavan. Besides from pikes you also have plenty of perch, graylings and big trouts not far from the cabin. In the cabin there is neither electricity nor drain. Water to drink will always be available. Hot water to shower is easily arranged by a fire in the sauna. The sauna is located just outside the cabin. If you for example want to reload your mobile phones or other electrics there is a 12-volt socket that you can use. Firewood to the fireplace and the sauna are included. It is also possible to rent an outside hot tub. Facing south there is a porch, perfect if you want to round off a good fishing day in the midnight sun.
Price Cabin
1100 sek/day

Bed sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover and bath towel 80 sek/set

Price Outside Hot Tub
300 sek
600 sek If you want it filled up and heated

If you rent the cabin from us you also get the possibility to rent a boat from us.

The boats the we have:
Persson 520DL (Steering console) with an Yamaha Autolube 40hk
1000 sek/day

Fisherman 460 with a Yamaha 20hk
800 sek/day